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Country Road Bar Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Country Road Soi Cowboy BangkokCountry Road is the first bar on your left if you enter from the Asoke Road end of Soi Cowboy. It is a large bar, having recently doubled in size, with live music. Its very popular in the early hours when there is cheap beer available during its happy hours. Best value are the one litre pitchers of beer at these times.

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Becoming a dump
I was a regular Patron at Country Road, every Friday night for 5 years. They used to have two good bands, there was plenty of fresh air, and the staff were friendly.
Nowadays the first band from 8-10pm is so loud it is impossible to speak to anyone. The band has spilled out onto the dance floor so there is no room for dancing. (Mind you dancing with your hands over your ears is not fun anyway)
They used to have a fair system of writing your name up on a board to play on a pool table....Not any longer. People consistently write their names on five different boards and if they are not there when the time comes they are not deleted but the next person in the list gets to play. THis results in people who lose one game may have to wait 1 1/2 hours for another game because there are 14 odd names ahead of yours. No turnup then your name must be deleted immediately is the only fair cure for this.
The biggest problem though is the smoking. THe law is completely flouted and now it is hard in certain areas to breathe fresh air with all the smokers puffing away.

I am deeply saddened by these drops in standards and now enjoy playing pool in a smokefree environment in Soi 8.
Posted at 3:20:am 09/13/12
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